As soon as I returned from London, where I lived for many years, I started to establish a relationship with Slow Food, with whom we share many principles. One of their collaborators, an agronomist and biodynamic researcher, came to the farm one summer evening and with a spade in his hand took a tour of our land, of our vineyards. He came back a few hours later and told me: ‘There is only death around here, this land is heading towards desertification, this is the result of so many years of conventional farming’. After two days of deep sadness, because for me life is sacred, I decided to convert the whole farm to biodynamic.

Respect for life in all its forms is the principle on which we base our philosophy: concretely, that means respecting nature as land, and as a place where people, animals, insects, plants and trees live together in harmony, and not least, respecting our health and that of the people we work with.

Respect can only exist if you listen. It is listening to nature that Biodynamic agriculture was shaped, a way of practicing agriculture that enriches the earth with nutrients, recreating connections and recreating life.

The secret is to understand the mysterious powers of nature– and turn them into a benefit; to practice agriculture according to the rules of nature. Biodynamic farming actually opposes the principle of exploitation help up by industrial farming, which makes the soil numb, arid and dead and turns out fruits lacking flavour and nutrients, so poisonous that insects stay clear of them.

The wine from biodynamic farming – the fruit of a respectful collaboration between man and earth – is good for our health, like any other product of biodynamic farming. One of the key principles of our winery is allowing our customers to experience the benefits of a soil cultivated with love and religious respect.

Moreover, just as Biodynamic farming renews life in the earth creating connections, among which there is the fundamental one between earth and sky, Steiner’s philosophy, on which Biodynamic farming is based, seeks to create connections between human beings that are healthier and more harmonious. In our winery, too, we want to create more meaningful and human connections among the people who work here and transmit this philosophy also to the outside world and to our customers through our products, hoping that a more balanced value system will eventually be ‘contagious’ and spread in the world like circles around a pebble thrown into a lake.

It is listening to nature that Biodynamic agriculture was shaped, a way of practicing agriculture that enriches the earth with nutrients, recreating connections and recreating life.