Multi-purpose Hall

I had always liked the idea of a big multi-purpose hall where I could organize courses that help us become more aware, to grow, to know ourselves better and to evolve. Because if we want to make a change in the world, in our work, our families or our relationships, we need to begin from within ourselves.

I wanted to share the experience gained in all the courses I had attended throughout my life. 

This space had to come to life in the middle of Nature, where it is so quiet you can hear the singing of birds, grills and cicadas, the neighing of horses and the wind in the trees – and where you can see the lights of the stars and the fireflies. In Nature, and through Nature, we can connect to our true spirit.

And so, we transformed the old hayloft into a big multi-purpose hall.We organize yoga classes, courses in rebirthing, art therapy and writing, but also readings and much more.

The hall is also offered for rent for external teachers.