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Spinola Gavi no sulphites bio

Spinola Gavi DOCG, No Sulphites Added, Organic white wineSpinola Gavi DOCG no sulphites added, organic white wine

Produced and estate bottled by Castello di Tassarolo dei Marchesi Spinola Vineyard-estate, Tassarolo (Italy)

Production area:
selected vineyards in the Municipality of Tassarolo, situated in the Gavi DOCG production area (Piemonte).

marley, silty-clay, with good content of organic matter due to the use of “green- manure”, biodynamic preparations and biodynamic compost.

300 metres above sea level

Grape Variety:
Cortese di Gavi (100%).

Production technique

The Castello di Tassarolo vineyard-estate is certain that Wine and its quality are achieved in the Vineyard. Biodynamics, to which the winery is dedicating itself, has facilitated production of a grape in harmony with itself and the environment. Its manual, painstaking harvesting, its transformation with the aid of modern technology, allowing cooling to be used, and the knowledge gained from the experience of many years in the wine-making World, have resulted in a Gavi wine without the addition of Sulphites of any form.

The result is outstanding, different, new. Finally a wine of remarkable integrity, which highlights its qualities in all its organoleptic characteristics. This wine is 100% natural and handmade.

Spinola Gavi DOCG no sulphites added, organic white wineTasting notes and more

Green tinges, accompanied by an intense straw-yellow which highlights the presence of the wine in its most subtle nuances.

pronounced, approachable, almost overpowering. No inconsistency or over-lay of a transformed grapes.

well-rounded, delightful, pure, of NATURE.

indigenous, of our own grapes.

12 - 12.5% by Vol.

Total acidity:
around 5,20 g/l

20.000 bottles

certified ORGANIC and VEGAN By Bio; BIODYNAMIC by AgriBioDinamica; ORGANIC by Usda.

It is an excellent aperitif and can accompany all light international dishes. Serve at a temperature of 9-10°C.

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