Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola

Rosa Spinola Rosè Monferrato DOC, bio

Rosa Spinola, Rosè Monferrato DOC, Organic wine Rosa Spinola Rosè Monferrato DOC organic wine

Produced and bottled exclusively at Az. Ag. Castello di Tassarolo dei Marchesi Spinola, Tassarolo, (Italy).

Production area:
the vineyards are localized in the community of Fubine, situated in the Monferrato D.O.C. area, in Piedmont, at a height of 300m and exposed towards the East/Southeast.

the terrain is particularly suitable for the production of refined and elegant wines, thanks to an elevated presence of magnesium, typical of local terrains with a high percentage of lime and clay. The presence of fine rock substrates renders the ground softer and well oxygenated. A high level of organic substance is maintained through the rotational use of cover crops.

300 metres above sea level

Grape Variety:
Nebbiolo (100%).

Production technique

This wine is produced with the purest organic grape Nebbiolo, respecting the particular beauty of the vineyards with its environment. With imagination, we have played with the exceptional flexibility of the Nebbiolo grape and its infinite “Tunes”. In fact Nebbiolo is used for making sparkling wines, rose’, young wines or aged wines, (such as Barolo and Barbaresco). The Nebbiolo, considered to be, one of the best vines in the world, marries well with our Natural philosophy. In fact, by using a vinification process suitable for whites with this red, which foresees the immediate separation of the must from the skin for grapes freshly harvested, one obtains a natural rosiness, without invasive enological interventions or the use of foreign additives, conserving the authenticity of the Nebbiolo grape. To characterize this wine, an innate living warmth that encloses all the potential of this grape, which transmutes into an unexpected alchemical longevity. It is 100% HANDMADE.

Tasting notes and more

rose colored wine with delicate reflections of orange and yellow borders.

a fresh fragrance, floral that recalls roses.

taste rich, full, alive and appeasing.

indigenous, of our own grapes.

6.000 bottles per year

13.5% by Vol.

Total acidity:
around 5,48 g/l

certified ORGANIC and VEGAN by BIOS.

An excellent aperitif. It can accompany all refined and delicate international dishes. Serve at a temperature of 9-10°C.

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