Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola

Marchesi Spinola Gavi bio

Spinola Gavi DOCG, Organic white wine Marchesi Spinola Gavi DOCG organic white wine

Produced and estate bottled by Castello di Tassarolo dei Marchesi Spinola Vineyard-estate, Tassarolo (Italy).

Production area:
selected vineyards in the Municipality of Tassarolo, situated in the Gavi DOCG production area (Piemonte).

marley, silty-clay, with good content of organic matter due to the use of "green-manure", biodynamic preparations and biodynamic compost.

300 metres above sea level

Grape Variety:
Cortese di Gavi (100%).

Production technique

The large area planted with vines on the Castello di Tassarolo estate, and the relatively small number of bottles produced, allows us to carry out ruthless selection in the vineyards, aimed at achieving a quality product. The grapes, are manually gathered in perforated crates containing a maximum of 19 kg. They, are brought to the winery and immediately pressed with the help of a modern pneumatic press. Only the cream of the must is transferred to the thermostatically-controlled vats for the start of the alcoholic fermentation. This, is carried out at controlled temperatures without being hurried, and under constant analytical surveillance.

With the complete transformation of the sugars into alcohol, the process is complete. We take great care not to damage its intrinsic qualities right up to bottling. This wine is 100% HANDMADE.

Tasting notes and more

straw yellow with marked green highlights.

intense aroma with floral notes of orange blossom and camomile.

fresh, fragrant, light, lively and persistent.

indigenous, of our own grapes.

12 - 12.5% by Vol.

Total acidity:
around 5,20 g/l

40.000 bottles

certified ORGANIC and VEGAN by Bios; BIODYNAMIC by AgriBioDianmica.

It is an excellent aperitif and can accompany all light international dishes. Serve at a temperature of 9-10°C.

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