Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola

Cuvée Monferrato no sulphites bio

Cuvée Monferrato DOC, Organic red wineCuvée Monferrato DOC organic red wine, no sulphites added

Produced and estate bottled by Castello di Tassarolo dei Marchesi Spinola Vineyard-estate, Tassarolo (Italy).

Production area:
selected vineyards in the Municipality of Tassarolo, in the Gavi DOCG production zone in Piemonte.

Marley, silty-clay, with good content of organic matter due to the use of "green-manure", biodynamic preparations and biodynamic compost.

300 metres above sea level

Grape Varieties:
20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 80% Barbera.

Production technique

To obtain this wine, characterised by the total absence of sulphur dioxide added in any form, the blending of Cabernet Sauvignon with Barbera has proved to be of fundamental importance. In addition to giving a complex sensation to the fragrance and making the taste rich and lingering, it gives the wine, which has a clear but non-invasive tannic component, a structure able to support it without the need for extraneous preservatives. An accurate and ongoing assistance of the production process in all of its phases completes the work of Nature. This wine is 100% natural and handmade.

Tasting notes and more

red ruby colour verging on the purple with slightly accentuated garnet tinges.

full, approachable, heady, ethereal, scents of cherries and wild berries.

warm, soft taste, spicy at the finish.

indigenous, of our own grapes.

13 - 13.5% by Vol.

Total acidity:
around 5,50 g/l

13.000 bottles

certified ORGANIC and VEGAN By Bios; BIODYNAMIC by AgriBioDinamica; ORGANIC by Usda.

It can accompany the most complex of international dishes. Serve at a temperature of 18-20°C.

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