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Alborina Gavi bio

Alborina Gavi DOCG, Organic white wineAlborina Gavi DOCG organic white wine

Produced and estate bottled by Castello di Tassarolo of Marchesi Spinola Vineyard-estate, Tassarolo (Italy).

Area of production:
single vineyard selected in the municipality of Tassarolo, situated in the Gavi DOCG production zone in Piemonte.

marley, silty-clay, with good content of organic matter due to the use of “green -manure”, biodynamic preparations and biodynamic compost.

300 metres above sea level.

Grape Variety:
Cortese di Gavi (100%).

Production technique

The production of this wine implies a high quality of the transformed grape given by a very careful biodynamic cultivation of the vines. Our long- standing experience has led us to select the eldest vineyard, called Alborina, over the more than 18 hectares, perfect for the achievement of the final result. The grape, collected in crates is pressed to obtain a must that is initially cleaned and then fermented. With an alcoholic content of 5% by vol. part of this partially fermented must is transferred to barriques, where all the sugars are extracted. After slow static decantation and distancing of the largest lees, can the ageing process start and continue for several months. The merging of this part with the one in the steel results in a zippy but gracefully contoured, refreshing wine. This wine is 100% HANDMADE.

Tasting notes and more

intense straw yellow with accentuated tinges of yellow-green.

intense, delicate, complex fragrance with moderate but discrete hints of wood.

plush, caressing taste with an elegant concentration and length.

indigenous, of our own grapes.

12.5 - 13% by Vol.

Total acidity:
around 5,30 g/l

6.000 bottles

certified ORGANIC and VEGAN by Bios, BIODYNAMIC by AgriBioDianmica.

It is an ideal aperitif and food flexible wine. Perfect with the more refined and important dishes of international cuisine. Alborina ages extremely well 15-20 years. Preferably served at a temperature of 10-11°C.

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