Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola

Wine Tastings

Wine tasting of a French wine club Alborina farm An old barrel to relax The cellar Wine tastings and visits on appointment

2-7 people:
A - 16€ wine tasting with small food plate and cellar visit; around 1h20'.
B - 22€ wine tasting with small food plate, cellar visit, working horse stable and vineyards; around 2h.
C - 35€ wine tasting with small food plate, cellar visit, working horse stable, vineyards, visit to the castle; around 3h.

8-35 people:
A - 14€ wine tasting with small food plate and cellar visit; around 1h20'.
B - 20€ wine tasting with small food plate, cellar visit, horse stable and vineyards; around 2h.
C - 30€ wine tasting with small food plate, cellar visit, horse stable, vineyards, visit to the castle; around 3 h.


To Book from outside Italy please send an e-mail to or call 0039.143. 342248 or mobile 0039.366.9111482.

A unique experience of wine tasting at Castello di Tassarolo

We are happy to welcome you to our winery in any season for a very special wine tasting experience. It is not only an ordinary wine tasting seated at the table but much more. It is about entering into our life philosophy, the natural environment and the core of Biodynamics. We need to silence our minds, which limits us, put aside our mental schemes and open up, listening to a new way to feel and perceive Nature and the environment around us. You will experience the energy that enlivens our farm like a thread that will take you from place to place during the tour. The estate consists of 26 hectares that surround the winery.

In the stable we will introduce you to our French horses, Comtois, that help us to work in the vineyards, kitchen garden and forest. They come from our project, fruit of our love for horses and animals in general, that saves young working horses from slaughtering and finds them a new home. According to the season, you can see the horses helping in different works. Two of our wines take the name from our first horse Titouan, pictured on the bottles.

Henry, student of Rudolf Steiner, will talk about Biodynamic viticulture and agriculture, its relationship to the constellations, the movement and rhythm of the planets, preparations and the practice of dynamization. He will take you through the vineyards to reach the Biodynamic compost area, the engine of the Life of the farm. We will visit our Biodynamic kitchen garden, founded on the principles of diversity, animal traction and clean/renewable energy systems, where we develop healthy food. Here is the place where to experiment dynamization. You will come back through a forest of oak and chestnut trees running along the vineyards, a home for dear, pheasant and wild boar.

In the cellar, we will talk about Biodynamic vinification with indigenous yeasts and low or absent sulphites, sterile bottling and wine aging in French oak. There are the autoclave where we prepare the natural Sparkling wine, stainless steel tanks, and French oak barrels, the bottling and labelling line. Each process from the cultivation of the grapes to fermentation, from vinification to bottling and packaging is done with care only here, by us. Here you will find some biodynamic preparations in the darkness of a double wooden box, filled with the north of Europe peat that you could touch and smell after their magical and long transformation under the ground.

From the darkness of the cellar to the sun light, under a flowery gazebo or beside the heat of a wooden stove, depending on the season, the tour will end with a wine tasting with 5 wines: red, white, sparkling and rosè. Together with a plate of local delights we will try and compare wines without sulphites, made in stainless steel or wood, from vineyards worked by horses, from young and very old vineyards. For big groups we open the dining room of the castle adorned with frescos from the 15th century. The castle that dates back to the XI century is less than a mile from the winery, where the 14th century grape press is situated. We hope that with this experience you will bring to your life and to the world some seeds picked up here, a spark that lights a path and that you will leave here seeds picked up from somewhere else. This is what our approach to Biodynamic wants to create in depth: relationship.

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