Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola


Our vineyards on the hills of GaviBiodynamic cumulo made of marcAlessio, Henry e Titouan in the vineyardsThe sovescioBiodynamic agriculture

The Winery Estate of Castello di Tassarolo is situated in the comune of Tassarolo in the heart of the Gavi, in Piedmont and consists of 20 Hectars of vineyards that circomnavigate the winery. The variety of vines cultivated on the estate are "Cortese di Gavi", Barbera and some Cabernet Sauvignon. The cultivation of the vineyards is the biodynamic agricultural method that gaurantees the maximum respect for nature and the environment.

The practice of biodynamic principles in agriculture were first developed on the estate of the Count and Countess of Keyserlink by an introductory course held by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, following a request by the local farmers with regards to the deteriorization of product quality and the developing corrosion of the soil, desertification.

Within the course were seminated many of the principles that guide the biodynamic farmer of today, with regards to the "forces of life" and the fertility of the soil, the importance of livestock and deeper insights into the forces and dynamics that nature reveals to the developed and discerining eye.

In 2006 the estate began developing biodynamic methods of viticulture which in practice is based on the development of humus and the health of the vines, by the use of green manure, compost (made at home), and the use of preparations such as the dynamization of cows manure and silica.

Heavy horse in the vineyards

Titouan is a four and a half year old geldin of the Comtois breed from Eastern France, raised and prepared for working in Fabien Cannelle's estate in the region of Besancon.

Horses and animals in general complete the cycle of life of the farm. Working horses in the vineyards allow the development of good humus without crushing the ground with heavy mechanized equipment, counter to the results that the biodynamic farmer strives to achieve.

Biodynamics gives the most importance to soil quality and the resulting nutrients and forces that the plants receive, through green manure, compost and dynamized compounds that imbue the soil with life forces and insect life. In fact with healthy soil the vines are much stronger and produce the best quality fruits.

Horses have a very close relationship with plant life, even only their presence have beneficial effects on the vines. Horse manure is also an important addition and improvement for the quality and effectiveness of the compost.

Horse traction is now replacing much of the tasks previously carried out with mechanized equipment, in the vineyards, with biodynamic preparations, forestry and the occasional carriage ride for our many visitors.

The atmosphere has changed much on the estate since Titouans arrival and it seems to all that it is the right thing in the right place.

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