Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola


Massimiliana and Titouan in the vineyards Henry and Titouan plowing in the vineyards Rufus resting in the shade of some vines The respect for Life

The respect for Life in every and any form is the essence and base of the philosophy of the estate: Respect for nature, the Earth, the environment of the people on the farm, of the plants, trees, animals, insects and not least the people whom consume our wines and all those that work and collaborate with us.

Respect can only exist when one listens and hears nature speak and from this is born biodynamic agriculture, that enrichens the Earth, creates relations and the creation of life.

The secret is to develop an understanding of nature and the mystery of its forces in the search to work with natures laws. Biodynamic agriculture is a positive response to the modern industrial farming methods that leaves the Earth devoid of vitality and life. Modern agriculture is seen to represent the lack of a certain spirituality in todays society.

Wines made from biodynamic agriculture results from this respectful collaboration between man and the Earth, and like all the products made from biodynamic agriculture brings health and wellbeing. This is most important for the estate: to bring wellbeing from cultivating the Earth with care and respect of the consumer.

As biodynamics regenerates the life of the soil, of which fundamentally that of the earth and the skies, the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, from whom was born biodynamic agricultural methods, we seek to develop relations with people in a good and fair way. On the estate we seek to develop a more stimulating and human rapport with our work force and our clients all over the World... because we hope that our system of values might be contagious like the ripples made when you throw a stone into a lake and that they might reach every corner.

From my return from London where I had lived for some years, I started to develop relations with Slow Food with which we share many principles. One of their agronomists visited the estate and spent the day going about with a small shovel, on his return he declared that the vineyards where on the threshold of desertification and that "there were only symptoms of death", the result of years of traditional farming methods. After two days of the deepest sadness, "because for me life is sacred", I decided to convert the whole estate to biodynamic farming methods. Though at the beginning local farmers were to question whether they would ever see grapes in the vineyards again, last year they nominated the estate "the happy island", as vineyards in the area where subject to disease and great losses for the harvest, the vineyards on this estate have never been in better shape or of higher quality.

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