Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola


Massimiliana SpinolaMassimiliana Spinola

Since 2005 Massimiliana has become the owner of the family winery that directs with the help of her business partner and cousin Bonifacio Spinola. With a degree in literature and a master in fine arts, she has worked in the contemporary art world in New York and London before dedicated herself to wine making, Nature and horses.

The associate partner Bonifacio SpinolaBonifacio Spinola

Bonifacio lives in Rome and is the director of various entrepreneurial enterprises as well as a partner of the estate. Of great help and support to Massimiliana, full of practical ideas and advice.

The oenologist Vincenzo MunìVincenzo Munì

Vincenzo is the Oenologist of the estate, having had a more traditional education he was to interest himself with organic & biodynamic principles, innovative and alternative approaches to wine making. Vincenzo defines himself as an "assistant of nature" as opposed to a wine maker, also responsible for the development of Non Sulphite added wines and various experiments in the winery and vineyards.
His website:

The cellerer Miri Velli with his wife AzetaMiri and Azeta Velli

Miri is the winery's corner stone, expert of vineyards and agricultural machinery, now reigns in the cellar where he brought many improvements without comparison. From wine making to packaging the wines are in his hands. With the precious help of his wife Azeta, fast, precise and tireless, handles the orders coming from all over the world. Good cameraman, is in charge of the videos too and responsible of the technology in general. Miri never withdraws from any responsibility! Everybody asks him for advice and he is always available to help.

La segretaria Marina FrisoneMarina Frisone

Marina is the heart of the office who organizes all the work: clever, precise, quick, friendly, always positive. She tackles everything with calm and balance. She is a great help to all of us either practical and psychological. She joined us a year ago and has been a real pleasure bringing a qualitative improvement into office.

Maresa NovaraMaresa Novara and Fabio Dino

Maresa, brava, decisa, professionale. Come tutte le donne che lavorano in un settore monopolizzato dagli uomini, ha una marcia in più: ragiona con la propria testa, senza sposare nessun dogma e valutando i difficili equilibri di un'azienda vitivinicola. Lei e il marito Fabio hanno una sensibilità per la vigna che pochi possiedono. Il rispetto per la natura e il desiderio di lasciare alla loro bimba una terra più pulita li spingono ogni giorno a trovare nuove vie, a sperimentare e a mettersi sempre in discussione: così si va avanti e si aiuta questo nostro pianeta.
Their website:

Ato, Noemi, Keasj, Tea, Dimitri and StephanThe youth

What can one say? They bring vitality and laughter onto the estate and the atmosphere would not be the same without them.

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