Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola


Future projects

Our horses for the courses The project of the tree house Our new biodynamic cumulus The refurbished cellar: roof to the floor! Working Horse School and courses:
Henry has founded a school where those interested in developing farming methods with heavy horses may gain practical knowledge and experience. Courses have developed very well and are visible on the events calendar. In 2014 Mike Paddock, from the UK and Moss Trant from Ireland taught forestry and ploughing skills. We also held a three day intensive course in June, leading up to the Working Horse Festival, where students were to approach and gain "hands on" experience in the various activities with working horses on the estate. The theme for particular attention for 2015 is the relationship between horseman and horse. Henry feels that there is a general lack of communication between us and our horses, notwithstanding the many heart moving and splendid realities, there remains a wide gap between us. Henry will be focusing on how we might bridge that gap and improve our relationship with our working horses.
The major conflict confronting biodynamic farmers is the fact that on the one hand they work to develop life forces in the Earth but, on the other hand they then are forced to crush the earth with tractors and track vehicles which render the soil devoid of life.
The development of heavy horse work is well advanced in many European countries but as yet very little has been developed in Italy, Henry intends to close this gap and give heavy horses a future on Italian farmland and save many that would otherwise end up in the butchers and not as the wonderful and willing companions that they are.

Save The Working Horse:
This project continues to raise great interest in the media recently with the result that more horses are being saved from the butcher. The long term benefits with starting a foal are well worth the effort and many new owners are pleased with this choice. Tony & Micky of L’Estancia continue to select and prepare both horse and horseman to communicate through “Equiaddestramento”, a soft method for developing basic language and communication skills.

New Vineyard for Horses, – Spumante?
In May of 2014 a new vineyard of Cortese, 1.3 hectares was planted, to be exclusively worked by horses. The experience of working land without the effects of compaction are extraordinary. We intend to develop a "Spumante" (Bubbly) without Sulphites added from the vintage 2017 onwards. We are thinking of holding a competition for a name? Any suggestions!

Biodynamic cumulus:
A biodynamic composting course was held with Ivo Bertaina of Agri-Bio Piemonte in the autumn of 2013. The results were absolutely fabulous and an enriching ingredient has been well used throughout the vineyards. It was amazing to see in each handful of humus some 30 worms and the enrichment of the surrounding wildlife on the farm. Henry says “at last, we can see the results of our work in the land”, and the importance and development of good composting for healthy farming remains highest on the list of priorities.

Function Room:
It is intended to refurbish premises above the bottling plant as a multi-functional area. A new wooden floor is planned whilst preserving the majority of the old brickwork and original character of the building. The room will be used mostly for wine tastings but also for the various courses, lectures and workshops planned for the future. We would like to host the best teachers of art therapy, yoga, rebirthing and other disciplines inspired by Rudolf Steiner that can help people to feel better and more in tune with nature. In fact the people coming for the weekend from the cities will be able to lodge on the tree houses, sip the shakes made with vegetables and fruit from “vegetable island” and attend the courses, taking back to their ordinary life some new positive ideas.

Tree Houses("A room with a view"):
Planning is also being presented for permission to build two tree houses in the forest, to accommodate our many guests that visit throughout the long season. Massimiliana and Henry have stayed in tree houses and the intimate and special experience is something that they would like to offer guests in the future. Henry thinks it would be really cool to put a wooden boat in the forest too!!! Massimiliana is not too convinced!

Adventure trail:
Henry is working in the forest to develop an adventure trail from the horse's paddock, at the front of the farm to “Vegetable Island” behind the lake. An ideal location for a picnic and school visits. The trail will pass by the tree houses in the forest which give an ample view of the forests and hills of the region over the golf course of Tassarolo.

Vegetable Island:
Is where the marriage of three fundamental principles, are brought together. It is also a next step for Castello di Tassarolo in our search for a more sustainable environment. We have put aside and prepared some 7 hectares for the creation of a sustainable form of farming, through the development of the underlying principles:
1) Clean and renewable Energy/Water
2) Animal traction and Husbandry
3) A Pluri-dynamic approach to agriculture. To produce quality food in a sustainable environment that will ensure the local community's food security over the longer term, in a form that responds to the 19% of farmers worldwide that use animal traction and accessibility for the returning youth to farming communities.
Henry considers the project to be a 360 degree approach to developing a 360 degree system of sustainable farming, where the best of our technologies, our Heads, the best of our animal husbandry, our Hearts and the best of our farming methods with our Hands. Henry feels that this approach represents the whole human being, as it does a "whole" farming organism.

Cantina Refurbishment:
Sometimes one misses the old roof, where at night you could glimpse the stars through the many gaps and know "when" to do with the wines, but now it's much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but cold anyway, outside when one looks up to the stars where you will find the biodynamic farmers calendar of works. Refurbishment was completed with new flooring and walls in 2014, and have found the fine tuning in the cellar is much facilitated by the new environment.

Titouan Gavi:
It was born from the very first vineyard worked by “Titouan and Henry”, and in its third year it was presented as a non-sulphite added wine having been in barriques for 5 months. The reception for this wine has been amazing and has quickly become one of the favourites of our customers. But, not finished yet, it is our intention to continue developing the “naturalness” of this full-bodied wine by vinifying in Amphorae. An interesting wine to look forward to!