Castello di Tassarolo azienda vitivinicola

Biodynamic Academy

The Academy year 2016-17 The symbols of the beginning The opening day The Biodynamic Academy came to life

Henry has been working for the past two years towards the birth of a school for the biodynamic farming method at Tassarolo. Contributing and collaborating with National entities and other biodynamic farms. Henry wanted to realize a school where young people, and not so young, could learn to cultivate the earth in a respectful way through the application of biodynamic principles.

In fact, seen as necessary for the future, not only for a healthy diet but also for the future of the Earth and the life of the people on it. It will be necessary for persons of the right attitude, enthusiasm, knowledge, technical and organization capacities to fill the important role of future farmers.

In this way began the collaboration with “La Libera Fondazione Rudolf Steiner”, Biodynamic Association of Italy, APAB, Landbauschule Dottenfelderhof Bad Vilbel (Germany), Sativa Rheinau AG (Switzerland) and Ecor-NaturaSi (the largest organic wholesaler in the EU).

Students lodgings will be at the castle of Tassarolo and will practice farming on the Castello di Tassarolo estate nearby. Students will practice various fundamental skills in the vineyards, vegetable garden and forestry, predominantly with the use of working horses. The Academy has also organized week seminars every two months, where students might learn and study the various and complex dynamics that underline the biodynamic approach, such as soil fertility, astronomy, crop rotation, vegetable gardening etc.

Field trips to other biodynamic farms are also included during the course, trips to organic fair's such as Biofach (Nuremberg) and SANA (Italy). In this way we hope to help our planet by helping the youth "the new intellectuals of the Earth" to use an expression of Carlo Petrini (Slow Food), who can heal the Earth and cultivating food that will lead to healthy bodies and minds.

The Academy in Practice

To develop professionals able to run a biodynamic farm.

Persons whom intend to take up biodynamic farming, or farmers who wish to develop and improve their biodynamic approach.

- 18 years +
- Persons who intend to become farmers
- Degree in agriculture, agricultural diploma and or previous farming experience

The 3 year apprenticeship is free, and includes:
- Vittles and lodgings on host farm
- Travel and lodging expenses to seminars
- Seminaries
For individual needs it is possible a bursary.

Three year apprenticeship

1° year
Experience and scientific-spiritual knowledge of a biodynamic farm in the cycle of works during a year.

2° year
Specific studies in fruit farming, viticulture, forestry, zootechny, horticulture, cash /cover-crops.

3° year
Experience of management and commerce and final thesis.

In the three year of studies seven weeks of practical work rhythmically alternate with one of theoretical formation. In the first year the students live in a farm to experiment the cycle of the seasons and of the correspondent works, in the second year they stay in different farms for a more specialist formation and in the third year more time is dedicated to the final thesis. In the seminar weeks students will learn biodynamic theory, artistic activities and spiritual- scientific studies.